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DHL Worldwide Packers And Movers Tream & Condation

  1.  DHL Worldwide Packers and Movers or its representative will not be responsible for any kind of damages or loss occurred to your goods due to natural calamity, unforeseen accident, fire riots or sabotage. Therefore, to avoid such loss, we advise you to insure your shipment to avoid risk 
  2. We or our agent shall be exempted from any kind of loss damage done due to accident,, pilferage, fire rain, collision or any other road. ricer hazard or any natural calamity. So to avoid loss or damage or damage we advise you to insure your consignment covering covering all risk. .
  3. The company is responsible to the contents of packages if the packages are delivered in the same apparent condition in which they are tendered for despatch by the consignor No guarantee for weights or contents can be given as for as possible all precautions will be taken against pilferage 
  4. The comparny is responsible for loss or damage to goods by leakage, breakage, evaporation and weather conditions strikes, lockout rad river hazards are default of staff drivers labors or against of the company riots, civil or political disturbance, explosion fire or accidents to vehicle by which goods are transported of fire to godown where goods are stored  
  5.  Delivery to consignee will be effected as quickly as possible but the company will not be responsible for delays, damages and losses occasioned through conditions. Beyond it’s control such as raads & weather conditions strikes, lockout, riots, civil or political disturbance, explosion fire or accident to vehicle by which goods are transported 
  6. The company will be liberty to transship goods from one vehicle another at the company’s option
  7. Freight and are subject to change without notice at anything 
  8. The duplicate copy of the goods consignment Notes should be surrended respective at the time of his duly authorised respective at the time of delivery of consignment at destination but the triplicate copy of the G.C. Note. The good:s consignment marked for Direct Delivery will not be forwarded through Banks. The company reversed fights to delivery, the goods at the destination even without calling for the copy of G.C. Note, there will be not estonal to such act of the company 
  9.  If the consignee does not himself take delivery be must endorse on the G.C. Note and request for delivery the be granted to the person to whom he wishes it made 
  10. Consignment marked for delivery to “SELF” should collected by the consignee at his own cost from our Branch or deposit at destination if desired delivery can be effected at consignee’s place on payment of extra charge 
  11.  The company has the right of re-weighment reclassification of the goods before they are delivered and collecting any amount that may have committed or under-charged 
  12.  The consignor making false declaration as to the content description quantities of goods carried will be held liable for any damages which the carrier may sustain as result of such false declaration consignor will therefore declare his goods correctly & take every Government Regulations is force from time to time carrier will not be responsible if any goods are declared & contraband and confiscated by any Government is liable by any Government Consignee is liable for all consequences arising out of incorrect declaration of the contents of the consignments
  13.  The consignor responsible to obtain and han over to the company at the time of booking the goods appropriate permits for transport by roads i case of restricted article in the case of taker consignor wil be held responsible fo consequences arising out of transport withou permit. 
  14.  The delivery of goods must be taken within 7 days after the arrival of the goods at the destinatior failing which storage rent at Rs. 2 or 100 Kgs. pe day will charged upto the date of the collection by the consignee must enquire about arrival of th goods at destination. At consignment lying uncleared in out godown at month after the proceeds will be appropriate as freight demurrage and incidental charges to the company. The deficiency if any will be held as the outstandin claim of the company. No dispute can be raised fo 7 the said action the company. 
  15. The company is not responsible in the event of the goods being detained or seized or conflicted by appropriate Government authorities. 
  16.  Dangerous and inflammable goods will not be carried 
  17. The company reserve the right to refuse. It accep goods for despatch without assigning or reasons. 
  18. The consignments weighing less than 40 kgs. wil be charged to minimum of 40 kgs only 
  19.  The conditions are subject to change withou notice 
  20.  If your luggage breaks off for some reson then yo will have to deposit that transportation fee before then, after that we wi ll give you refund money o your broken luggage claim 
  21.  Gas Cylinders must be kept empty before packing date 
  22.  Al Batteries must be drained of their acids anc 2 should be empty before loading

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